Claudio Smuclovisky

Claudio Smuclovisky

October 07, 2015
This webinar will provide an overview of the use and purpose of next generation model based reconstruction for cardiac computed tomography (CT) imaging and transcatheter aortic valve replacement (...
Centricity, webinar, ZFV, ZFP, viewer, remote viewing system, enterprise

Chad Moser, PACS administrator at Huron Regional Medical Center, will explain his experience with his zero footprint viewing system.

March 03, 2015
Healthcare organizations are demanding more capabilities for image viewers accessed by clinicians. Zero footprint (ZFP) viewers provide imaging tools from wherever there is internet connectivity....

Jeffrey Miller, M.D.

November 07, 2014
The webinar "State of the Art in MRI Pediatric Brain Perfusion Imaging" educates participants about the state of the art clinical and emerging translational perfusion RM methods with utilization in...

Dr. Chad Alan Kliger, M.D., M.S.

October 09, 2014
This webinar discussed why contemporary adult cardiac interventions require significant ionizing radiation with potential health risks to both the patient and operator. Modifiable in-laboratory...
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