Technology | May 08, 2008

Ohio Medical Introduces New Push-To-Set (PTS) Digital Vacuum Regulators

Medical gas and vacuum products maker Ohio Medical Corp. released its new Push-To-Set Digital vacuum regulators product line May 5 at the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses National Teaching Institute. A problem associated with setting medical suction pressures is that many clinicians often forget to "occlude the flow" while adjusting the vacuum level to verify accurate maximum vacuum pressure settings. The result of overlooking the occlusion step is inadvertently oversuctioning the patient with dangerously high levels of vacuum. When suction pressures are set inadvertently high, damage to tissue can occur, possibly leading to serious complications or infection. Ohio Medical's new family of Push-To-Set Digital vacuum regulators provides the solutions for this ongoing clinical problem. The PTS Digital automatically occludes the vacuum flow while the device is being adjusted so the digital gauge accurately displays the maximum vacuum level. When the adjustment knob is released, the system returns to flow. Ohio Medical also incorporated new ideas from end-users who suggested changes such as the Quick-To-Max feature for urgent situations, where only two turns are needed to achieve full wall vacuum. The device includes a 10-year warranty. May 2008

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