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TeraRecon is a technology-driven provider of advanced imaging systems and solutions for medical and other advanced visualization applications based on its patented image processing technologies. Founded in 1997, TeraRecon has developed a unique family of powerful processors that are used in its real-time diagnostic Aquarius workstations, enterprise-wide 3-D processing servers, high performance reconstruction, and real-time volume rendering hardware engines. iNtuition is TeraRecon's new, unified workflow platform designed to deliver the best possible workflow solution for advanced image management in an enterprise and an efficient way to manage workflow once the data leaves the MDCT or MR scanner.

iNtuition enabled Aquarius products consists of an advanced, procedural workstation configuration for the 3-D technologist, a powerful reading/browsing station for the diagnosing physician and a fast, simple 3-D review tool for the referring M.D. TeraRecon then adds a powerful workflow capability with an automated pre-processing system to do as much 3-D editing as possible automatically upon completion of the exam. The company provides a comprehensive suite of medical imaging tools via client-server technology and now expands these tools through “iNtuition Cloud” – the company’s flagship iNtuition solution in the form of a web-based  service. Web access to all of the clinical tools through a web browser is just a click away and provides secure access and upload of patient data.

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