Case Study | October 03, 2006

Accurate, Timely Chemistry Analysis, From Office to Urgent Care Settings

Three scenarios of success as physicians gain on-the-spot lab results in less than 12 minutes, without the lab

In just three easy steps physicians can perform onsite chemistry analysis with the Piccolo Xpress Chemistry Analyzer.

The genesis of the Abaxis Piccolo technology began with NASA, where scientists sought to develop and manufacture a small biochemical analyzer for use in space laboratories. Abaxis acquired the exclusive patent rights and developed an analyzer that was capable of performing multiple blood chemistry tests based on centrifugal and capillary technology.
The evolution of that technology led to today’s Piccolo Xpress, a compact, portable clinical chemistry analyzer with built-in quality control and calibration. Using self-contained reagent discs with only a few drops of whole blood, serum or plasma, the Piccolo provides results in approximately 12 minutes for routine multichemistry panels that are comparable in performance and accuracy to large clinical chemistry analyzers.
The Piccolo has been deployed by the medical corps since the mid-1990s and is currently in front-line use in Iraq and Afghanistan. Technologies employed for military applications tend to propagate to the mainstream civilian sector, which is the case for Piccolo — the analyzer is now routinely used by physician offices, hospitals, urgent care clinics and oncology clinics.
A family practitioner uses the Piccolo to obtain results within minutes of seeing the patient, enabling the best possible care. Patients appreciate getting tested on the spot and not having to wait a couple of days for a laboratory answer. Consequently, the physician receives positive feedback from patients. Some patients come to the practice because of an in-office lab and the revenue generated helps to offset some of the expenses incurred in running the practice. Another key element is ensuring that the Piccolo conforms to CLIA regulations. The Piccolo’s technology correlates to central lab systems and is accurate and reliable.
The staff at a large oncology clinic knows the importance of state-of-the-art technology in providing quality patient care. The Piccolo made it possible to provide quality, cost efficient and timely chemistry results for consistent same-day treatments. In turn, the overall quality of patient care and satisfaction increased. The Piccolo analyzers are easy to use and fit easily on the bench. They say they can’t imagine operating without a Piccolo.
An urgent care clinic chose the Piccolo because of the ease of operation and the immediate availability of results. With the Piccolo, their medical team can quickly review and analyze data to share with the patient and proceed with a course of treatment. A positive and informed patient experience is important for their clinic. An added benefit is there is no need for additional trained technical personnel. At the same time, the quality control features provide confidence that the results are accurate.
By adding the Piccolo to their facilities, these clinicians have experienced the invaluable advantage of giving patients immediate results for review and dialog with their physicians. Piccolo is at the forefront of providing the best of the new technology in this new medical millennium.