News | April 10, 2013

American Well Announces Telehealth Pilot for Clinical Care Programs at Massachusetts General Hospital

Extends mental health, heart failure and neurology care to patients

April 10, 2013 — American Well has announced a new telehealth pilot program at Massachusetts General Hospital to better monitor heart failure patients by making physicians available to patients through live, real-time video visits. 

“Telemedicine is a critical tool in improving access to care and overcoming barriers created by geography, income or social circumstance,” said Dr. Lee H. Schwamm, vice chair of neurology and medical director of Telehealth at Massachusetts General Hospital. “The technology enables us to extend our reach and deliver the highest quality of care to members of our own system and to a broader population of patients as well.” 

Through a six-month pilot with Massachusetts General Hospital Telehealth, scheduled to launch this month, the program will offer patients access to telehealth visits. The heart failure pilot program will give cardiologists the ability to hold video visits with patients at home. The program will begin with heart failure patients as they require close monitoring by their care team for successful disease management.
Massachusetts General Hospital launched its Telestroke program in 2000, allowing stroke specialists to examine and diagnose patients at remote clinical locations throughout New England and recommend a plan of care to local physicians.  

American Well’s web-based Online Care platform is designed to extend the ability of physicians to better care for their patients from the patients’ home or work using the web, smartphones or tablet devices. Physicians can review a patient’s incoming clinical information, speak with and see the patient, prescribe medications if appropriate and suggest follow-up care. Online Care visits are designed to abide by HIPAA rules, protecting the patient’s privacy and the security of their health information. At the conclusion of the six-month pilot, the program may be expanded beyond the three initial clinical areas.  

“Massachusetts General Hospital is an iconic institution representing the very best of healthcare both nationally and worldwide. Mass General’s decision to roll out telehealth as a channel for their renowned services fits the bill of innovation and modernization of healthcare delivery for which this organization is so well known,” said Roy Schoenberg M.D., CEO of American Well Systems.

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