Angiography Systems

Last updated on March 03, 2017
GE HealthcareDiscovery IGS 730
GE HealthcareDiscovery IGS 740
GE HeatlhcareInnova IGS 520, 530 and 540
GE HealthcareInnova IGS 620 and 630
GE HealthcareOptima IGS 320, IGS 330
Omega Medical ImagingCS-60
Philips HealthcareAlluraClarity FD20
Philips HealthcareAlluraClarity FD20/10
Philips HealthcareAlluraClarityFD20/15
Philips HealthcareAlluraClarityFD20/20
Shimadzu Medical SystemsTrinias Crossover C12/F12
Shimadzu Medical SystemsTrinias Spire C8/F8
Shimadzu Medical SystemsBransist VC 17
Shimadzu Medical SystemsTrinias B8/12
Siemens HealthineersArtis Q Ceiling-mounted
Siemens HealthineersArtis Q Biplane
Siemens HealthineersArtis Zeego multi-axis
Siemens HealthineersArtis one
Siemens HealthineersArtis Q.zen
Toshiba America Medical SystemsInfinix-i Biplane (the Infinix-i Biplane is the INFX-8000V BP)
Toshiba America Medical SystemsInfinix-i Sky (the Infinix-i Sky is the INFX-8000C with 830 C-arm)
Toshiba America Medical SystemsInfinix-i Sky+ (the Infinix-i Sky+ is the INFX-8000C with 930a C-arm)
Toshiba America Medical SystemsInfinix-i Core (the Infinix-i Core is the INFX-8000F)
Toshiba America Medical SystemsInfinix-i Core+ (the Infinix-i Core+ is the INFX-8000V)
Toshiba America Medical SystemsInfinix-i 4D CT (computed tomography)
Toshiba America Medical SystemsInfinix-i 4D CT (computed tomography)
Toshiba America Medical SystemsInfinix-i Dual Plane (the Infinix-i Dual Plane is the INFX-8000F)

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