News | April 01, 2008

Cardinal Introduces New Surgical Clippers at AORN

April 2, 2008 - Cardinal featured its SensiClip, surgical clippers at the 2008 AORN Congress this week, which offers wide, disposable blades to clip smoothly and quickly, without infection-causing nicks or cuts.

The company said cleanup is easy and fast, because it is completely submersible for thorough cleaning and disinfecting. The device is also lightweight, cordless, can be used for wet or dry hair removal, its single-use blades are easy to remove and replace, and uses NiMH battery that cannot be overcharged.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) recommend using clippers instead of razors for preoperative hair removal. The CDC, in its guideline for prevention of surgical site infection, states there is an increased surgical site infection risk associated with shaving as a method of preoperative hair removal, which can be attributed to microscopic cuts in the skin that later serve as foci for bacterial multiplication. Whenever hair is removed preoperatively, the CDC strongly recommends removing hair immediately before the operation, outside of the operating room, and preferably, with electric clippers.

The AORN states in its recommended practices for skin preparation of patients that the goal of preoperative skin preparation is to reduce the risk of postoperative surgical site infection, with the least amount of tissue irritation. AORN specifically recommends using an electric or battery-powered clipper with a disposable or reusable head that can be cleaned and disinfected between patients.

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