News | June 20, 2007

CardioChek PA Gives Quick, Easy Testing for Cardiac Risk

June 21, 2007 - CardioChek PA with new risk detection helps physicians quickly and easily test for cardiac risk factors due to high cholesterol.

CardioChek PA is a diagnostic analyzer for medical professional testing of cholesterol and is FDA cleared for use on patients of all ages. The easy-to-use device provides medical professionals with a cost-effective, simple way to track important health factors in the convenience of their own office, with one fingerstick.

New to CardioChek PA is the direct determination of LDL, without requiring fasting like other diagnostic systems. Medical professionals can use individual PTS Panels Test Strips, CLIA-waived and CE labeled, to measure the following key health indicators:

-Lipid profile results (Total Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Direct LDL Cholesterol by calculation) - all from a single fingerstick whole blood sample.
-Also tests for Glucose, Creatinine*, Ketone and Total Cholesterol with individual strips. (All strips are CLIA-Waived except Creatinine).

With the help of CardioChek PA, physicians can quickly pre-screen the cholesterol levels of at-risk adults and children so they can immediately provide the counseling, education, or the recommended lifestyle changes patients may need. The device uses test strips that are CRMLN (Cholesterol Reference Method Laboratory Network) certified for testing total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol, making it a quick, reliable cholesterol test.

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