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CRF and Fogarty Innovation Announce Agenda for TCT MedTech Innovation Forum

One-day summit will shape the future of innovation 

The Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) and Fogarty Innovation announced today that the program is now available for the TCT MedTech Innovation Forum.

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August 26, 2022 — The Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) and Fogarty Innovation announced today that the program is now available for the TCT MedTech Innovation Forum. The summit will be held on the first day of TCT, the annual scientific symposium of CRF, on Friday, September 16. TCT will take place September 16-19, 2022, in Boston, Massachusetts, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

The TCT MedTech Innovation Forum is an intensive, interactive summit bringing together clinicians, entrepreneurs, investors, payors, and regulators to identify clinical challenges, uncover opportunities for innovation, and drive a practical understanding of the rewards and complex processes required to bring novel medical technologies to market. The intent is to shape the future of patient care and medtech innovation through informed discussion, debate, and real-world insight. 

“The program has been carefully designed to focus on the key issues facing medtech innovation and the field of interventional cardiology, as well as the trends driving the field forward,” said Juan F. Granada, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of CRF. “We aim to develop unique solutions and identify priorities for innovation with the ultimate goal of transforming patient care.” 

The agenda features interdisciplinary perspectives on unmet clinical needs, financing, regulatory and reimbursement policy, and evolving healthcare delivery models. Specific main sessions topics include: 

  • Shaping Innovation Priorities: Global Demographic and Population Health Trends 
  • Emerging Models of Healthcare Delivery 
  • Predicting the Future of MedTech: Transformative Concepts and Technological Trends 
  • Macro and Micro Financing Trends 
  • How Robotics Are Redefining Health Care 
  • Pain Points in Healthcare: Challenges and Opportunities  

The Forum will also examine cutting-edge breakthroughs and trends in cardiovascular medicine. Featured technology workshops will center on emerging devices and prospects for structural heart disease, interventional heart failure, and stroke interventions. 

“The TCT MedTech Innovation Forum will convene stakeholders from across the ecosystem to address core issues and share perspectives,” said Andrew Cleeland, Chief Executive Officer of Fogarty Innovation. “Our goals are to uncover insights that help innovators better understand and address market needs and build meaningful collaborations that help important new technologies reach patients as soon as possible.” 

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