News | March 31, 2008

Customizatable Defibrillator/Monitor Featured at ACC

April 1, 2008 - Physio-Control featured its LifePak 12 Defibrillator/Monitor, a multi-parameter device combining semi-automated and manual defibrillation with capnography, external pacing, 12-lead electrocardiology, at ACC 2008.

The unit is available with ADAPTIV biphasic technology and comes with a choice of standard, pediatric and/or sterlizable internal and external paddles. It’s compatible with QUIK-COMBO pacing/defibrillation/ECG electrodes.

Clinicians can select AED, manual defibrillation or both, as well as add noninvasive pacing, pulse oximetry, 12-lead ECG analysis or LCD display, capnography and noninvasive blood pressure.

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