News | July 10, 2007

CVRx Adopts ARC Core for Implantable Blood Pressure Reduction Device

July 11, 2007 - CVRx Inc. chose a member of the configurable ARC 600 core family to drive its Rheos Baroreflex Hypertension Therapy System for its implantable blood pressure reduction device.
CVRx chose the ARC core for its very small size, ability to operate using extremely low power for deeply embedded organic applications.
The Rheos System from CVRx is designed to reduce blood pressure by using the human body’s natural blood pressure regulation system (the baroreflex). The Rheos System electrically stimulates the baroreflex, which sends signals to the brain suggesting a blood pressure increase. Then, the brain acts to lower blood pressure by sending signals to various parts of the body, including the blood vessels, heart and kidneys. The Rheos System includes a small pulse generator that is implanted under the collar bone, two thin leads that are wrapped around the left and right carotid arteries, and a programmer system.
"The Rheos System holds hope for patients with drug-resistant hypertension," said Nadim Yared, president and CEO of CVRx. "By adopting a configurable ARC processor, our development teams can ensure the implantable, battery operated Rheos System meets important criteria necessary for implantable medical devices."

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