News | February 19, 2009

Educational Forum for Coronary Healthcare Professionals Set for April

February 19, 2009 - The Society of Chest Pain Centers will hold its 12th Congress of Chest Pain Centers event April 29-May 2, 2009 at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN.

Designed for cardiologists, nurses, emergency room physicians and healthcare administrators, the annual conference addresses the topics of chest pain management, acute coronary syndrome care (ACS), acute decompensated heart failure care, (ADHF) and observational medicine. It will include in-depth, day-long workshops and over 40 different lectures, debates and panel discussions presented by nationally recognized cardiac care experts.

"The Society of Chest Pain Centers works to bridge communications between cardiology, emergency medicine, nursing and other professions in order to improve quality care for patients and bottom line for healthcare facilities," explained Robert Weisenburger Lipetz, MBA, executive director, Society of Chest Pain Centers.

Learning objectives of the conference include:

- Discussion of key studies that have impacted the new NSTE-ACS guidelines
- Review of biomarkers and clinical applications in the acute setting for ACS diagnosis
- Improvements on contact-to-balloon times for STEMI patients
- How Chest Pain Center accreditation improves care for patients
- Clinical guidelines, late breaking trials, research and new treatment therapies
- Opportunities to share metrics with EMS, ED cath lab and medical staff to drive change
- Pharmacologic agents and devices used in atrial fibrillation

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