News | August 07, 2007

FDA Approves AED Pro with See-Thru CPR

August 8, 2007 – The FDA gave ZOLL Medical Corporation, a manufacturer of resuscitation devices and related software solutions, clearance to market and sell the ZOLL AED Pro with See-Thru CPR technology, which is designed to help minimize interruptions in CPR, as ZOLL aims to comply with one of the key recommendations of the American Heart Association's (AHA) Guidelines for Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

See-Thru CPR is designed to reduce interruptions by allowing clinicians to see organized electrical activity during CPR compressions by filtering out compression artifact. This lets rescuers see a patient's underlying cardiac rhythm during resuscitation efforts and eliminates the need to stop compressions to see if defibrillation was successful. The AHA notes that a primary source of interruption of CPR is stopping to determine underlying ECG rhythm.

See-Thru CPR is engineered to only be activate when the AED Pro is in Manual Mode. The feature will not be enabled when the AED Pro is operating in semi-automatic mode. See-Thru CPR is designed to automatically turn on when the rescuer switches the unit from semi-automatic to manual, which is accomplished by depressing two soft keys.

The AED Pro is designed for professional responders with instantaneous feedback on CPR chest compressions. Its real-time feedback, Real CPR Help, includes a metronome set at the AHA-recommended 100 beats per minute and a screen display, which helps rescuers achieve the optimum rate and depth of compression levels through audible and/or visual prompts. All CPR data can be recorded and reviewed using RescueNet Code Review software. It also features a high-resolution ECG display, Lead II monitoring, and battery compatibility.

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