News | March 02, 2008

FDA to Hold Cardiac Device Workshop

March 3, 2008 - The FDA, National Heart Lung & Blood Institute and National Science Foundation are hosting a Workshop on Computer Methods for Cardiovascular Devices, in Bethesda, MD, from March 18-19 to address regulatory and technical issues with medical devices.

The program simulation-based engineering science (Thomas JR Hughes, Univ of TX); computational fluid dynamics (Rainald Lohner, George Mason Univ); computational solid mechanics (Jacob Fish, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute); fluid-solid interactions (Klaus Jurgen Bathe, MIT); cardiac mechanics (Natalia Trayanova, Johns Hopkins Univ), cardiac fluid dynamics (Charles Peskin, Courant Inst, NYU); blood flow in arteries (Charles Taylor, Stanford Univ); vessel wall mechanics, growth and remodeling (Jay Humphrey, TX A&M); thrombosis (Aaron Fogelman, Univ of Utah); and drug transport in artery walls (Elazar Edelman, MIT); drug eluting stents; artificial heart valves; ventricular assist devices (Bob Benkowski, MicroMed); cardiac rhythm management (Mike Schendel, Medtronic); flow visualization (Richard Malinauskas, FDA); computational modeling of electrical impulse propagation during fibrillation (Richard Gray, FDA); and more.

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