News | September 15, 2008

Healthcare Professionals Convene to Discuss Research, Treatment Strategies for Heart Failure

September 16, 2008 – The Heart Failure Society of America’s (HFSA) 12th Annual Scientific Meeting will be held Sept. 21-24, at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The three-day meeting - a forum for heart failure specialists to present research findings and advances in treatment - will address emerging trends in research and new developments in the approach to treating patients with this condition. The scientific program will kick off with an opening plenary session, “Aerobiology, The Environment and Cardiovascular Health,” Monday, Sept. 22 at 8:10 a.m. Simultaneous sessions will include presentations by national and international heart failure experts, scientists, and allied health care professionals. Many will focus on the progressive treatments for heart failure and the increased risk faced by patients.

“This year’s conference will present exciting new information about the causes and treatment of heart failure, and the important socio-economic issues surrounding this condition,” said Dr. Barry Greenberg, HFSA president, and professor of medicine, director, Heart Failure/Cardiac Transplantation Program at The University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.

Other scientific meeting sessions that address issues relating to heart failure include “Particulate Matter Air Pollution and Heart Health,” “Athletes and Sudden Death Syndromes,” “Naturoceuticals and Heart Failure: Innocuous and Harmful?” “Hope in the Hopeless Situation: Palliative Care,” “Nitric Oxide as a unique signaling molecule in physiology,” guideline updates on management of heart failure patients receiving cancer chemotherapy, and an update on the genetic evaluation of heart failure. Information from current clinical trials will also be explained.

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