News | March 11, 2007

Hypertension Treatment Device Favorably Assessed

March 12, 2007 — InterCure Ltd. announced today that the California Technology Assessment Forum (CTAF), a program of the Blue Shield of California Foundation, unanimously agreed at its recent meeting that device-guided breathing with RESPeRATE is a safe and effective medical approach to treat hypertension.

RESPeRATE, the first and only medical device clinically proven to lower blood pressure through guided breathing therapy, met all five of CTAF's assessment criteria for new medical technologies. The decision was based on a review of seven clinical studies published in peer- reviewed medical journals.

The CTAF voted unanimously that daily use of RESPeRATE as an adjunctive treatment for patients with persistently high blood pressure meets CTAF Technology Assessment Criteria for safety, effectiveness and improvement in health outcomes.

CTAF's assessment regarding RESPeRATE can be found online at:

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