News | December 03, 2007

InSite One's Archive Now Stores 1.5 Billion Images

December 4, 2007 - InSite One’s InDex Archive surpassed 1.5 billion individual images and over 20 million studies stored for over 500 sites nationally, equating approximately three percent or 9 million of the U.S. patient population.

InSite One offers an out-sourced archiving service, which on a weekly basis reportedly receives 12 terabytes of medical information in its Tier-4 data centers.

InDex is designed to provide a high performing managed long-term archive solution, according to Paul Dandrow, executive vice president and CEO of InSite One. InDex delivers a suite of Web-enabled managed patented services that conform to Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) protocols and CIFS interfaces to meet a full range of HIPAA enabling healthcare data storage demands. These solutions include on-site capacity as well as off-site data protection and disaster recovery scalable to individual client needs or enterprise requirements.

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