News | March 05, 2008

Medical Device Congress Looks to Satisfy FDA, Hospitals

March 6, 2008 - The third annual Medical Device Regulatory, Reimbursement and Compliance Congress (Device Congress) to be held on the campus of Harvard University March 26-28 2008, will address how to satisfy the FDA, CMS, OIG, Congress, payers, providers and patients.

At a time when the device sector is said to be under intense regulatory scrutiny, the congress will provide an overview of regulatory challenges and describe in detail responsive compliance strategies. “This will be a very significant year for device investigations, litigation and settlements,” said former Department of Justice Attorney Laurence Freedman. “Enforcement activity this year will further fuel a qui tam frenzy in the device sector.”

Speakers will address how to satisfy the customers when they are health providers, hospitals, doctors, nurses, clinics and surgery centers, in addition to medical directors, call center nurses and tech assessors and of course the patient. The program ultimately ask how do you satisfy government customers satisfied - FDA, CMS, OIG, U.S. attorneys, and even state agencies.

The conference will look at keeping customers satisfied on several levels, including:
- What does each of these customers want today?
- What must device companies do to satisfy those demands?
- Do the demands of different customers collide with one another?

Preconference sessions address the following issues:

- Where Do We Go Now on Medical Imaging?
- What To Do When the Subpoena Arrives: What You Should Know
- What is FDA's Focus Today - and its Vision for Tomorrow?
- CMS Payment-for-Quality Initiative
- Who Speaks for the Patient?
- Challenges of Disseminating Information About Medical Devices
- Reimbursement

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