News | August 25, 2008

MedQuist's Mobile Dictation Platform Designed for Busy Physicians

August 25, 2008 – MedQuist announced the launch of PhysAssist IQ Web, powered by IQMax Inc., a mobile platform that enables physicians to streamline their daily workflow by putting their rounds list, schedule and patient clinical information in the palm of their hand.

The platform allows physicians to document each encounter at the point of care by using multiple wireless devices (such as "flip" phones, Smartphones, PDAs and Tablet/PCs).

When combined with MedQuist Enterprise Platform, PhysAssist IQ Web reportedly creates a seamless Web-based solution for physicians to document patient encounters. When physicians dictate, the voice is automatically and securely uploaded to the Enterprise Platform to complete the document creation workflow. Once the file is speech recognized and edited, the transcribed results are available for viewing at the mobile device or PC, providing the caregiver with important patient information anytime, anywhere.

Through the implementation of an interface to the HIS or practice management system, physicians can have their patient and census lists on their mobile devices. Those who practice at multiple sites can easily keep track of schedule changes from their home or office. In addition, the platform reportedly:

- Provides user-configurable patient lists based on location,schedule, groups, or census data.

- Ensures accuracy of the patient data and promotes patient safety with anywhere, anytime access to clinical results - with visual alerts for abnormal or critical values.

- Provides detailed patient care information, (e.g., lab reports, medications, vitals and microbiology.

- Offers a quick view of actions completed on each patient.
- Allows patients to be added quickly and easily.

For mobile dictation, MedQuist's PhysAssist IQ Web is said to offer:

- Simple and efficient controls to document encounters in real time by location.

- Ability to view and dictate on other providers' patients.

- Patient demographics that are automatically linked to each dictation, saving time and reducing costly errors.

- Patient details available on the review screen.
- Unlimited visit type and physician type pull-downs for dictation.

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