News | May 30, 2007

Minneapolis Selects Cardiac Science for AED Public Access Program

May 31 -- Cardiac Science Corp. announced today it has entered into a two-year marketing partnership with the City of Minneapolis, serving as the recommended provider of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to participants in Minneapolis Project Heart Beat, the city's public access defibrillation (PAD) program. The agreement is renewable annually for three additional years.

Minneapolis Project Heart Beat aims to increase the survivability of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) throughout the City of Minneapolis by making AEDs as common as fire extinguishers in city and county buildings, schools, businesses, and any public space in which a life can be saved.

"By making the right tools and training widely available to the public, we aim to strengthen the average citizen's ability to give the necessary, potentially life-saving aid to victims of SCA, wherever it may occur," said Charlotte Holt, deputy chief for Emergency Medical Services, Minneapolis Fire Department. "Cardiac Science understands how PAD increases the likelihood of successful Emergency Medical Services intervention and our department is delighted to extend its relationship with the company."

Under the terms of the agreement, four Minneapolis City firefighters will serve as coordinators of Minneapolis Project Heart Beat in their off-duty hours. With their leadership, Cardiac Science and the City will actively promote the benefits of accessible defibrillation throughout the City at certain trade shows and health and safety events, as well as with direct mail, advertising and other methods.

Minneapolis Project Heart Beat aims to provide businesses, government agencies, schools districts and others who oversee public spaces with the necessary resources to execute on-site, life-saving PAD programs successfully, easily, and affordably. In practical terms, this includes:

-- Medical oversight, including physician validation of training,
standards, and procedures;
-- Training in CPR and AED use;
-- Program Maintenance, including record keeping and data collection;
-- Consulting on site selection and deployment;
-- Incident management;
-- Protection against loss, damage or liability associated with an
AED deployment; and
-- Preferred pricing through Cardiac Science.

Powerheart brand automated external defibrillators provide reliable, safe, and easy to use cardiac monitoring and defibrillation technology. Powerheart AEDs feature RHYTHMx software, which detects abnormal heart rhythms, determines whether they are life-threatening, and only delivers a shock when needed. Powerheart AEDs also feature the patented RescueReady technology, which automatically tests the device on a frequent basis to ensure continued functionality. Powerheart's STAR Biphasic Waveform Technology provides levels of escalating energy customized to the patient.

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