News | Cardiovascular Education | February 17, 2022

Mytonomy Announces Cardiology Content and Platform

New Cloud for Cardiology features the most comprehensive catalog of cardiology videos in the industry.

Mytonomy, known for raising the bar in video-based patient-engagement content and platform, is leveraging its capabilities in the cardiology space with its new Cloud for Cardiology.

February 17, 2022 – Mytonomy, known for raising the bar in video-based patient-engagement content and platform, is leveraging its capabilities in the cardiology space with its new Cloud for Cardiology. Featuring the most comprehensive catalog of cardiology videos in the industry, Cloud for Cardiology unpacks procedures and cardiac conditions in a patient-friendly format, while serving provider's needs as well.

The entire 700+ title microlearning video library can easily be accessed through Mytonomy’s platform, which integrates seamlessly with a provider's existing clinical workflows. Mytonomy delivers intelligent nudging, notifications and messages to activate patients throughout their care journey and support post discharge Remote Patient Monitoring programs, like those for heart failure and other conditions.

Topics available are related to commonly performed diagnostic testing as well as surgical and interventional cardiac therapies. This is paired with an extensive review of cardiometabolic conditions including diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. Microlearning videos are designed to deliver essential information to patients in an appealing format, short enough to encourage patients to watch all the way through.

Developed in partnership with leading heart centers, each Mytonomy microlearning video is essentially an extension of the patient's care team, answering questions and addressing concerns, without increasing clinicians' workloads. Mytonomy drives improvement in clinical outcomes and patient experience. Multiple validated studies across major medical conditions including cardiac care have demonstrated high engagement, better results, and increased patient satisfaction. A multi-site study conducted across three major academic centers also showed improved results in cardiovascular risk factors.

"Mytonomy provided exceptional content on hypertension and hyperlipidemia for our cardiovascular remote health program," says Dr. Christopher Cannon, Education Director of Cardiovascular Innovation at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. "In addition, we are very impressed by the development process for new medical videos that we developed together. Our patients responded positively to the video content that helped them work on their cardiac health.”

Along with patient education, Cloud for Cardiology features cardiac-related surveys that can be deployed through patient portals or sent directly to patients via email or SMS. Patients can take quality of life surveys, learn the purpose of the surveys and results are recorded in their chart. Survey data can be analyzed individually or in aggregate.

Mytonomy's commitment to cardiology is evidenced by its partnership with MedAxiom, the cardiovascular community’s premier source for organizational performance solutions. “Mytonomy’s mission is to educate and empower people to actively engage in their health,” said Joe Sasson PhD, MedAxiom’s EVP of Ventures. “With their solutions, providers can save valuable time while improving patient outcomes. We are proud to welcome Mytonomy as a MedAxiom Industry Partner and bring their deep cardiovascular solutions to our membership community.”

“Mytonomy’s novel CRM is an essential part of a healthcare system’s digital front door strategy for cardiac care. By educating patients before, during and after the visit, providers can save staff time while reducing patient anxiety and improving cardiac outcomes,” said Anjali Kataria, Mytonomy CEO and co-founder. “Our partnership with MedAxiom will open up more ways the cardiovascular community can engage patients throughout their care journey.”

Mytonomy is an industry leader in applying the science of microlearning to medical education videos. Mytonomy’s internal medical team ensures that content is accurate, credible and vetted by leading subject matter experts in multidisciplinary cardiac care. Keeping production values high — peer reviewed scripts, compelling graphics, and relatable on-camera talent — makes sure patients are not merely engaged; they're entertained and empowered to partner in their own health.

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