News | March 05, 2008

New Global Player Enters U.S. Oncology, Cardiology Technology Markets

March 6, 2008 - Axellis Ltd., the UK- and US-based medical technology company, has completed acquisitions of three software solutions business as part of the company’s strategy to position itself as a global provider of specialist hardware and software solutions for oncology and cardiology.

The companies that Axellis purchased have a full suite of complimentary technologies that will support and add value to today’s Oncology and cardiology programmes.

Axellis' portfolio has expanded with Innocure LLC., a U.S.-based developer of oncology software tools and the manufacture of compensating filters used in conjunction with linear accelerators for IMRT; Bluescope Medical Technologies Ltd., a developer of noninvasive cardiopulmonary acoustic monitoring systems used to measure cardiac and respiratory sounds, in addition to the measurement and assessment of the electrical information generated by the heart; and Mailling Wright Products Ltd., a company that performs analysis of clinical data in the remote design and offsite manufacture of patient-specific immobilization devices and appliances for use in radiotherapy.

The company says the acquisitions will also enable Axellis to immediately access the U.S. healthcare market.

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