News | June 26, 2007

New System Facilitates Internet Checkups of Heart Conditions

June 27, 2007 - Medtronic, Inc. announced the European launch of the Medtronic CareLink Network, a new heart monitoring system designed to enable patients at risk of heart conditions to electronically transmit data from their implanted cardiac device directly to their physician, allowing the completion of check-ups without requiring the patient to leave home.

The CareLink Network is an Internet-based monitoring service, which connects patients and their physicians for “virtual check-ups.” Patients hold a small antenna over their device, and information on how their heart and ICD are working is downloaded into the Medtronic CareLink Monitor. This information is then sent through a telephone line directly to a new data centre in Europe. Clinicians can access their patients’ data by logging onto a secure physician Web site, and may make adjustments to the patient’s medication or prescribe additional therapy without needing to see the patient in person.

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