News | December 04, 2006

Partners to Apply Ultrasound Tools in CV Assessment

Toronto-based Cedara Software, a Merge Healthcare company and an independent developer of medical software technologies for the global healthcare market, has announced a strategic partnership with Medical Imaging Applications LLC (MIA) of Coralville, Iowa. As part of the agreement, Cedara will distribute MIA’s vascular software applications to OEM companies through its global distribution network on an exclusive basis. MIA will focus on clinical development and continuing advancement of its toolset.

MIA has developed accurate, validated and industry-recognized software for arterial analysis and holds a dominant position in endothelial function assessment via flow-mediated dilatation of brachial artery and carotid intima-media thickness measurement markets.

MIA’s software solutions are designed to assist with early detection of cardiovascular disease risk through specialized ultrasound measurements of the arteries of the neck and arm. Its technology forms a set of clinical applications for analyzing intima-media thickness (IMT) in carotid and flow mediated dilation (FMD) in brachial arteries using ultrasound scans. Evidence suggests that there is a high correlation between cardiovascular disease risk, and intima-media thickness and FMD. These procedures are non-invasive and inexpensive to perform.

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