News | August 12, 2008

Penn, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association Partner on SCA Prevention

August 13, 2008 - The University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine will host a one-day medical education conference devoted to reducing the death rate of sudden cardiac arrest, in conjunction with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association's annual meeting in Philadelphia Oct. 17-19.

As the nation’s leading killer, claiming more than 300,000 American lives each year, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) remains a public health crisis that requires more public education about the risk factors and better community emergency response.
Penn’s Department of Emergency Medicine and Center for Resuscitation Science are recognized worldwide for their leadership in SCA research and treatment advancements, and the medical education conference will include presentations by Dr. Lance Becker and Dr. Benjamin Abella of the Penn faculty. The medical conference’s theme is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention and Treatment: Strengthening the Chain of Survival.
Presentations will include:
- Trends in resuscitation and CPR
- Building stronger community preparedness and emergency response systems
- Post-resuscitation care for SCA survivors
- Advancements in screening and identifying patients at risk
- Enhancing access to prevention therapy.

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