360 Photos | 360 View Photos | July 05, 2018

Philips Epiq Cardiac Ultrasound System at ASE 2018

A 360 degree view of a booth demonstration of the Philips Healthcare Epiq cardiovascular ultrasound system at the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) 2018 meeting in June. On the screen can be seen a demonstration of the system's new 3-D lighting software, where the light source can be moved around to increase contrast by shadowing. The light source can also be pushed to the other side of tissue to back light it, or in this case on the screen, see inside the left atrial appendage to look for thrombus. 

See a short clip of how the lighting technology works in the VIDEO: Photo-realistic Lighting to Enhance 3D Echocardiography.

More news and video from the ASE meeting.

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