News | November 05, 2007

Philips Highlights 3D Echo with Matrix Transducer

November 6, 2007 – Philips Medical Systems highlighted its recently introduced iE33 Live 3D TEE, an echo system designed to address a growing requirement with complementary 2D and volumetric Live 3D imaging and quantification tools that help clinicians answer questions on structure, efficiency, size and function related to cardiac disease management.

With the 3D power of xMATRIX technology and the reportedly high image clarity of PureWave crystal technology combined into a fully-functioning TEE, the user can see new views of cardiac structure, pathology and function.

Included is the new X7-2 transducer, which combines xMATRIX technology with PureWave crystal technology for live 3D echo imaging in small pediatric patients. The transducer includes the following features: a 2D matrix array with 2,500 elements; 7 to 2 MHz extended operating frequency range; 2D, biplane (Live xPlane), triggered full volume, live 3D Echo, color Doppler and PW Doppler with 2D, biplane and 3D, XRES, harmonic Imaging and LV; neonatal and pediatric applications; and epicardial imaging.

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