News | September 18, 2006

Siemens Poised as ‘First Full Service Diagnostics Company’

Siemens completed its acquisition of Diagnostic Products Corp. (DPC) in late July, marking a significant milestone for Siemens as it enters the in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) market. Together with DPC, Siemens Medical Solutions says it will become the first full service diagnostics company.

Founded in 1971, DPC is a global leader in immunodiagnostics, focusing on developing, manufacturing and distributing automated body fluid analyzers and tests, such as those related to cancer and cardiac disease, as well as hormone and allergy conditions.

This acquisition is just the first step for Siemens – on June 29, 2006, Siemens announced its intent to acquire Bayer Healthcare’s Diagnostics Division (subject to regulatory approvals).

Owning Bayer will enable Siemens to offer solutions in immunodiagnostics, genetic testing, near-patient testing, clinical chemistry, lab automation, hematology (blood cell diagnostics), and beyond. Siemens will bridge the gap between in-vivo and in-vitro diagnostics and offer a unique blend of expertise and technologies in diagnostic imaging, healthcare information technology (IT), molecular biology, and biochemistry to its customers, driving and leading the advancement of personalized healthcare.

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