News | June 11, 2009

Steris, Siemens to Build Hybrid Surgical Suites

June 11, 2009 – STERIS Corp. and Siemens Medical Solutions USA Inc. announced today at the Society of Vascular Surgeons annual meeting in Denver, Colo., that they have agreed to collaborate to offer optimized vascular, cardiovascular and neurosurgical hybrid surgical suites.
Through this collaboration, Siemens will provide advanced information and interventional technologies, while STERIS will supply custom-designed HD 360° Suites featuring LED surgical lighting and visualization systems as well as OR integration and equipment management solutions. STERIS will also provide expert room design and project management services using the company’s three-dimensional Room Builder software. The hybrid suites that result from STERIS and Siemens joint efforts will enable surgical and diagnostic teams to carry out a vast range of image-guided cardiovascular, vascular, and neurosurgical interventional procedures as well as open surgeries.
The companies plan to meet the needs of today’s surgical suite expand to accommodate both minimally invasive techniques and complex new interventional procedures, minimally invasive surgeries and open procedures within the same environment.

The Siemens-STERIS collaboration will deliver hybrid operating room solutions that enable healthcare facilities to improve workflow and streamline room planning and installation. Clinical staff will benefit from the resulting tailored and intuitive environment that has the potential to increase the efficiency and optimize the outcomes of these procedures. Most importantly, these new rooms offer hospitals the opportunity to better address room utilization challenges and make the most of their capital investments.

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