News | May 08, 2008

Strada Carotid Guiding Sheath Gets FDA Clearance, CE Mark

May 9, 2008 – The FDA cleared the Strada Carotid Guiding Sheath, a flexible tube for physicians to deliver balloon catheters, stents and other tools to open blockages in the carotid arteries.

The Strada Carotid Guiding Sheath, which also received European CE Mark approval, is designed specifically to provide easier and faster access to challenging carotid anatomy.

The Strada Carotid Guiding Sheath is engineered with five distinct transition zones to provide flexibility on the far, or distal, end of the sheath, and support on the near, or proximal, end of the sheath. Its construction provides excellent kink resistance for added confidence in navigating challenging anatomy. The Strada Carotid Guiding Sheath is available in 80 and 90 cm working lengths.

“The Strada Carotid Guiding Sheath is a versatile sheath that is particularly adaptable to the tortuous carotid anatomy," said Theodore Schreiber, M.D., specialist-in-chief, vice president of Cardiovascular Development and division chief of Clinical Cardiology, Detroit Medical Center.

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