News | October 02, 2006

Technology is Best Way to Stop IVD Infections

Catheters of all types as well as other intravascular devices (IVDs) that allow access to the bloodstream are potential sources of infection, according to research at University of Wisconsin Hospital, Madison. HealthDay News reported on the study, which collected data from more than 200 studies and found that no one device was infection-proof.

"We thought this analysis might provide a unique opportunity to wave the flag and convince both healthcare workers and patients that all types of IVDs pose a risk," said lead author Dr. Dennis Maki, a researcher and infectious disease and critical care specialist at the hospital.

While better adherence to prevention can help reduce the incidence, Dr. Maki indicated that new technology appears to be the best way to tackle the problem.

"Technology holds far more promise for reducing risk than behavioral modification. We believe that it holds the greatest promise. In our paper, we point out a number of IVD technologies that have been proven to be effective but, as yet, inexplicably, aren't widely used," Dr. Maki said.

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