News | April 11, 2007

Vascular Solutions Introduces Vari-Lase for Endovenous Laser Procedures

April 13, 2007 — Vascular Solutions Inc. announced yesterday that it has completed the U.S. conversion to its groundbreaking new Vari-Lase Bright Tip laser fiber technology for performing endovenous laser therapy.

The Bright Tip fiber features a proprietary ceramic distal tip to provide enhanced ultrasound visibility, protection against thermal degradation and complete protection from even unintended contact between the laser-emitting surface of the fiber and the vein wall. The Bright Tip has been evaluated at multiple U.S. centers with excellent clinical outcomes and highly favorable physician response. Beginning today, all Vari-Lase procedure kits and fibers sold in the U.S. will include the new Bright Tip fiber.

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