News | November 04, 2008

WaveMark Announces the Availability of WaveMark CIMS 2008

November 5, 2008 - WaveMark Inc. recently introduced a new version of its WaveMark CIMS product real-time inventory management solutions for high-value medical products.

Numerous features, functions and reporting capabilities were added, the company said. WaveMark CIMS Fall 2008 contains three major enhancements, that help hospital customers concentrate on patient safety while reducing overall operational costs. Each of these new features will be automatically provided to new and existing WaveMark CIMS subscribers at no additional cost.

The FDA recall module pushes critical device recall information to customers via WaveMark’s secure Web-based reports, including the exact current location of those products. By pushing this time-sensitive information to users, WaveMark further accelerates the tracking and timely removal of these devices, thereby, improving patient safety while also streamlining clinical workflow, the company said.

WaveMark said it established relationships and developed integrations with recognized materials management systems, billing systems and clinical documentation systems in an effort to streamline administrative workflow for clinical staff and increase connectivity.

The third major feature, inventory valuation and consignment reconciliation, provides hospitals with a direct line to cost savings, the company said. With consignment par tracking, hospital labs now have the ability to compare consigned product par levels against actual on hand amounts and usage patterns for that product in real-time. WaveMark delivers an easier way to compare and evaluate the availability of consigned devices and provides a more streamlined interaction with suppliers resulting in the optimization of consigned par levels.

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