Technology | March 28, 2007

ACC2: Signalife's ECG System Reduces Noise Prior to Amplifying the ECG Signal

Signalife's ambulatory 12-lead ECG system compresses and reduces noise prior to amplifying the ECG signal, eliminating the need to filter the signal after amplification. This means that 100 percent of the signal is preserved, allowing physicians to detect shifts in the ST segment as small as 5 microvolts (a 100 microvolt shift is considered statistically significant).

The improved quality of the data means that, for the first time, physicians can record full ECG signals from a patient during exercise or everyday activities - and the improved clarity of the data may increase the ability to detect silent ischemia or other difficult to detect abnormalities of the heart, allowing much earlier detection of cardiovascular disease and facilitating more aggressive and less damaging therapy, improving the patient's quality of life.

Because Signalife's patented noise-reduction technology significantly improves the clarity of the data being collected, it greatly enhances the physician's ability to diagnose and treat cardiac illness. The improved ability to accurately diagnose and treat cardiac illness could potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives annually and result in billions of dollars in cost savings to patients, governments, healthcare providers and insurance companies.

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