Technology | February 06, 2007

ATS Appliance Offers Several Benefits in Single Box

The first automated tiered storage appliance integrates ABREVITY’s FileData Classifier software, QStar’s Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) software and Breece Hill’s iStoRA appliance that includes 3.2 terabytes of network attached storage (NAS) and a 10-cartridge LTO3 tape autoloader.

The combined solution offers the benefits of content-aware data classification, automated data movement with HSM file stubbing and genealogy tracking, disk to disk NAS and archive tape, all in a single box.

Going beyond basic data classification solutions that only classify on file system metadata — such as file dates and types — the automated tiered storage appliance is the first to offer granular file path metadata and in-file content extraction coupled with custom file tagging for classification. It is also the first to offer multitier file tracking coupled with file movement from primary storage to both network-attached secondary storage and archive tape, as well as heterogeneous file stubbing.

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