Technology | November 22, 2013

Barco Launches Line of Network-Enabled Surgical Displays

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November 22, 2013 — Barco, a supplier of diagnostic systems, presented its MDSC line of network-ready surgical displays. These displays are fully compatible with Nexxis, Barco’s imaging and audio management solution for the operating room (OR), which integrates surgical devices over IP. Featuring an integrated raw-IP decoder, an easy-to-clean design and high image quality, Barco’s MDSC surgical displays are suitable for modern digital ORs and endoscopy imaging.
Providing accuracy for surgeons
The MDSC range includes a family of near-patient surgical displays (24-inch and 26-inch) and a large-screen OR 42-inch display, allowing hospitals to choose the display that best fits the needs of their ORs. Equipped with LED backlights, these surgical displays provide surgeons with accurate, realistic images in full HD resolution and with excellent depth perception. Full 10-bit video processing and precise color calibration ensure long-term accurate images with near-zero latency for perfect hand-eye coordination.
“The MDSC surgical display line has been purpose-built for the operating room, combining the best features of our first generation of surgical displays with new color calibration algorithms and smart mechanics. They also offer optional integrated functionality for use with Barco’s Nexxis digital OR solution, ensuring smooth distribution of uncompressed video and data over the IP network without delay,” said Johan Stockman, vice president of strategic marketing for surgical imaging, Barco. “For minimal invasive procedures, this line offers lag-free, high-accuracy imaging, flexible visualization modes and the best ergonomics — all of which are becoming increasingly important in today’s operating rooms.” 
Designed for the OR
The lightweight and compact design allows easy, dual monitor mounting onto surgical booms and spring arms. Because of their smooth surface, splash-proof housing and full screen protection, all displays are easy to clean and disinfect. Moreover, the use of energy-efficient LED backlights lowers the heat output, ensuring safe operation near patients.
Optimized for endoscopy 
With Barco’s advanced ITU-R.656, ITU-R.709 HD & DICOM calibration technologies, the new surgical displays provide surgeons with precise color and grayscale images. The full HD resolution LCD panel makes the displays suitable with contemporary endoscopy camera systems.
Barco’s MDSC-2226 is available for order now, while the MDSC-2224 and MDSC-2242 displays will be commercially available in Q1 of 2014. The systems are being displayed at Medica 2013 in Düsseldorf, Germany (hall 15, booth E18).
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