Technology | April 22, 2008

BayScribe Releases Virtual Dictation/Transcription Appliance

April 23, 2008 – BayScribe has launched the BayScribe Virtual Appliance, which the company says is the first virtual reporting solution to help healthcare facilities in their virtualization process in an effort to consolidate numerous servers.

Many healthcare facilities are grappling with the challenge of providing adequate power and space in the datacenter as the industry continues to add more computer technology. Some hospitals are streamlining their datacenters they are finding finding older dictation systems are difficult to maintain, or there is not a defined growth path for their current system.

With the launch of the BayScribe Virtual Appliance healthcare facilities can leverage their existing investment in virtualization technology, namely VMware. Thousands of facilities have already begun the virtualization process in an effort to consolidate numerous servers across the enterprise, and now the dictation server can be part of this effort. What used to require a rack of servers and numerous analog phone lines now requires just a fraction of a VMware ESX server. The company said the Internet replaces all of the phone lines as the voice capture is VoIP-based. Since the system uses an existing ESX server, there is no additional power or space and no additional hardware to acquire or support, the company said.

BayScribe is offered as a monthly software license and is billable based on usage. A new implementation can be configured and deployed in days, the maker said.

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