Technology | March 30, 2009

Cardiac Science Adds DICOM Connectivity to Stress Testing System

March 30, 2009 - Cardiac Science today added DICOM connectivity to its Quinton Q-Stress cardiac stress testing system and Quinton Q-Tel cardiac rehabilitation system.
The Quinton Q-Stress can now connect to hospital information systems (HIS) and electronic medical records (EMR) in the way that works best for each practice or hospital.
Benefits are said to include:

- Less administration: demographics, billing, and procedure codes can be imported via bi-directional communication using DICOM or HL7
- Fewer errors and lost billing: comprehensive tests can be exported to
minimize documentation errors
- Interoperability: Q-Stress can connect to virtually any EMR, HIS, PACS, and other healthcare systems including GE Muse
- Easy implementation: little to no HIS customization is required
- Easy maintenance: little to no difficulty updating links as an HIS evolves

Cardiac Science is reportedly the first to offer DICOM connectivity to the cardiac rehabilitation segment. With the addition of DICOM and HL7 technology, Q-Tel now supports all the latest industry standards for connectivity.

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