Technology | October 13, 2010

Cardiac Workstation Upgrade Includes Connection to Thin-Client EHRs

October 13, 2010 – A cardiac workstation software upgrade has been released that enables healthcare professionals to digitally store and review diagnostic test data. Version 1.6.3 of Welch Allyn’s CardioPerfect Workstation maximizes workflow efficiency and simplifies electronic health record (EHR) integration in ambulatory care settings that utilize thin-client technology.

New features include the Welch Allyn PerfectLink zero-configuration virtual channel solution for PC-based ECGs and compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7.

The CardioPerfect Workstation software with a new virtual channel solution for seamless bidirectional communications lets providers easily convert to EHRs even when deployed over thin clients.

The availability of the new PerfectLink virtual channel solution provides fast device connectivity over an existing network with no need for configuration - saving time and guaranteeing reliable data delivery. It uses the same technology found within remote desktop services (over RDP) or independent computing architecture (ICA) protocols and conforms to their encryption, bandwidth restriction, and prioritization override capabilities.

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