Technology | November 03, 2009

Carestream Health Spotlights SuperPACS Architecture

Carestream Health’s SuperPACS architecture streamlines workflow by equipping radiologists in any on-site or remote location to read from a global worklist that provides a unified set of imaging studies created from multiple vendors’ PACS located throughout the enterprise.

This unified global worklist enables a cross-site, collaborative workflow – allowing optimized use of radiologists and specialists. Using unique tunneling technology, data-intensive studies can be quickly delivered to radiologists on demand from any location, and do not require pre-fetching or pre-archiving of the image data to a central location. Instead patient information and metadata from existing archives are synchronized into a central database – avoiding the expensive and time-consuming migration of pixel data. Intelligent streaming supports rapid transmission over any type of network bandwidth to enhance productivity and convenience for remote radiologists, clinicians and referring physicians. SuperPACS Architecture supports a Master Patient ID using IHE profiles to ensure that data from different patients – who may have been assigned the same local patient ID at different facilities – does not get mixed up.

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