Technology | February 06, 2007

Data System Optimizes Analysis of Information

Providing clinicians with enterprise-wide data analysis of information stored in an Oracle-supported database, Misys Data Warehouse 4.0 features 80 different enhancements to optimize analysis of information supplied from Misys CPR.

Product enhancements in version 4.0 expand data extraction functionality, reporting capabilities and product utilities for an improved user experience and database management. Extracting information for Misys Data Warehouse allows clinicians to evaluate procedures across all patients in all departments.

Users have the ability to extract individual events, generic data element information, patient priority lists and other critical information from Misys CPR. Also, Misys Interface codes are now supported.

Misys Data Warehouse reporting capabilities transform the product from a simple database tool to a decision-making solution. More than 20 enhancements include improved reporting capabilities, bed history events, bed type, patient archive information and “partial events” support, as well as the ability to remove invalid visit conversion records.

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