Technology | August 29, 2006

Fusion of Multimodality Data Facilitates CVD Evaluation

A software fusion application that enables clinicians to perform multimodality image fusion in a single application, CardIQ brings together anatomical and physiological data from CT, PET and nuclear medicine images on the AW Workstation and allows their analysis in a single application.
The application allows clinicians to fuse CT anatomical data with PET- or SPECT-based physiological data, such as perfusion or viability, to evaluate cardiovascular disease. Clinicians can use the application to review and analyze angiographic data from CT for stenosis detection, vessel analysis and quantification. Clinicians can also assess physiological data such as perfusion and viability from PET or SPECT studies in the ASNC layout.
Images can be viewed in a 3-D rendered format as well 2-D reformats such as axial, sagittal, coronal and curvilinear views allowing for assessment of underlying anatomy and physiology. Furthermore, CardIQ Fusion allows the registration of anatomical and physiological data semi-automatically.

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