Technology | March 27, 2008

Futuremed Unveils New Fluid, Blood Warmers

Futuremed will release its newest models of fluid and blood warmers, the Astotherm-Plus and Astoflo-Plus, at the 2008 AORN Congress in Anaheim, CA.

The Astotherm-Plus and Astoflo-Plus use dry heat to efficiently warm fluids without cumbersome and expensive disposables, the company said. A patented heating profile continues warming fluids directly up to the patient cannula. Set up is fast and easy, and the warmers are ready to use in less than a minute

Astotherm-Plus (AP 220) is designed to warm blood and fluids at the rate of up to 5 liters per hour. Standard tubing is used to create an extension between the blood or IV set and the patient.

Astoflo-Plus (AFP200) is an environmentally-friendly model that does not need any disposables. Instead, fluid is warmed directly within a medical center�s own standard tubing set. It efficiently warms at flow rates of up to 3 liters per hour.

Futuremed warmers are used in surgical centers, operating rooms, ICUs, ERs, blood banks and in dialysis centers. They meet AABB and ECRI standards and include multiple safety features to ensure patient safety.

March 2008