Technology | November 15, 2006

Heart Sound Analysis System Analyzes Acoustic Signals

ZAC is a computer-aided heart sound analysis system that acquires, records and analyzes the acoustic signals of the heart and delivers the results in an easy-to-interpret graphical display. It also supports physicians in analyzing their patients’ heart sounds for suspected murmurs.
The system incorporates an electronic stethoscope, a laptop computer and a printer. Through the stethoscope, the user is guided with voice prompts through a standard auscultation protocol. ZAC acquires, records and analyzes the heart sounds, identifying S1 and S2, as well as any suspected murmurs. Results are printed out as needed and an electronic record of the acoustic heart sounds and corresponding findings are permanently stored for future reference.
The results screen highlights suspected murmurs according to their timing and location. The systolic and diastolic mid-band energy profile is graphically displayed, which can help physicians further characterize the suspected murmurs.

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