Technology | April 08, 2008

InfusaScan Bags Have Clear Windows, Bar Codes to Aid Patient Safety

At AACN 2008, Vital Signs Inc. will display its new 500 and 1,000 mL InfusaScan fluid pressure infusor bags, which are designed to help reduce medication errors.

The company said it features a clear window on the bags that allows users to scan the fluid bag's bar code to help eliminate common mistakes in medicating patients. The window also allows clinicians to see the medication, fluid level and presence of any air pockets or bubbles in the fluid bag.

InfusaScan incorporates a piston pressure gauge located within the infusor bag to ensure accuracy and visibility from a distance. It is color coded to warn of over- or under-inflation. Every InfusaScan has a specific place for information including the patient's name, date and fluid contents.

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