Technology | March 25, 2008

InviroSNAP! Safety Syringe Eliminates the Danger of Needle Sticks

Inviro Medical Devices' InviroSNAP! with InviroSTRIPE is a manually retractable safety syringe with a write-on stripe that provides sharps protection and performance advantages over retrofitted syringe designs.

The Inviro Safety System of products includes options for fixed needle or exchangeable needle safety syringes. For fixed needle applications, the InviroSNAP! Safety Syringe is an easy to use syringe that looks and functions like a traditional syringe, but offers sequence to retract the needle into the syringe to prevent needle sticks and the end of the syringe snaps off so the needle cannot be exposed again.

Founded in 1988, Inviro Medical Devices engineers and markets safe medication delivery systems.

March 2008

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