Technology | November 06, 2014

Micro Diode Lasers Offers Economical Alternative to Conventional Alignment Lasers

Gammex introduces the "micro" diode laser

Gammex \"micro\" diode laser, RSNA 2014, CT Systems, X-Ray Systems

Nov. 6, 2014 — The Gammex “micro” diode laser family offers an economical alternative to conventional laser systems used for alignment purposes. Gammex “micro” has dimensions that are considerably smaller than other fixed lasers. This makes it easy to fit into tight locations and reduces the chance of hitting the laser and knocking it out of alignment.

The Gammex “micro” laser features include:

• Compact design permitting the laser to blend in well with the room and to remain out of the way

• Utilize different diode colors to simplify marking recognition

• Less complicated and faster installations

• Simple design makes alignment and focus adjustments quick and easy if they need to be performed

• Composite, non-metallic housing cover reduces the laser’s weight


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