Technology | May 12, 2014

M*Modal Drives Anywhere, Anytime Medical Dictation With Enhancements to iOS Mobility Solution

May 12 2014 — M*Modal announced enhancements to its Fluency Flex Mobile dictation application for iOS 6.0+ devices. Moving beyond the capture of clinical notes during patient encounters to more robust clinical documentation, the new application allows physicians to select a patient from their appointment schedule to quickly and accurately record clinical notes, improving ease of use and productivity.

“M*Modal Fluency Flex Mobile gives physicians a robust dictation solution — right in their pocket,” said Duncan James, CEO of M*Modal. “This app allows them to dictate on their terms to help them save time, streamline their workflow and ultimately deliver better care.”

M*Modal Fluency Flex Mobile connects doctors with hospital information systems to access health records and dictate and review notes during patient encounters or on the go. The app captures high-quality audio which is securely and immediately transmitted to the M*Modal Fluency for Transcription speech engine for fast text conversion and transfer to electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

M*Modal Fluency Flex Mobile includes the following features:

  • Physicians can select a patient from their appointment schedule with real-time updates when connected to hospital interfaces;
  • Online and offline voice capture, leveraging 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity for uploading dictations;
  • Ability to play back “in process” dictation and suspend jobs for later review/resume/completion;
  • Improved audio quality compared to using mobile carrier voice networks by leveraging the latest noise reduction technology on the iPhone; and
  • Security features meeting HIPAA guidelines including unique authentication, inactivity timeout, encryption of data on device and secure communication over SSL.

The M*Modal Fluency Flex Mobile app is certified to run on the iPhone and can work on any device running iOS 6.0 and above. The app is available in the iTunes app store and is free to customers of M*Modal’s Fluency for Transcription platform.

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