Technology | March 13, 2007

New Exercise Tolerance Testing Eliminates Treadmill

Exercise Tolerance Testing (ETT) is a diagnostic tool, consisting of the RHE cycle, that is used in conjunction with scientifically validated exercise testing protocols to create a more accurate, sensitive and comfortable test, according to the company.
Quadriceps, hip flexors, gluteus, hamstrings, shoulders, chest, triceps and back can be utilized to complete the revolutions. The high amount of musculature improves mechanical efficiency, allowing the subject to achieve an adequate intensity level while remaining comfortable and minimizing impact on joints.

The protocol requires each patient to report their current activity level. The ETT system and RHE cycle utilizes a laptop computer with patented technology inputting body weight and current activity level to provide a customized and individually tailored protocol changing resistance automatically until test termination. The laptop control system is installed in a water and air-tight Pelican case which is dust proof, crush proof and corrosion proof, providing protection and mobility.
RHE Cycle International

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