Technology | December 09, 2014

New Lead-Free Acrylic X-ray Shielding Premieres at RSNA 2014

Turner MedTech announces innovative lead-free acrylic shielding that Meets RoHS Requirements and protects users from X-Ray exposure

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Image courtesy of Turner MedTech

December 9, 2014 — Turner MedTech introduced ClearShield at RSNA 2014, which is lead-free, eco-friendly, utilizes no lead and complies with European Union RoHS requirements. ClearShield is composed of a patent-pending bismuth material that produces a clear acrylic lead-free sheet for reliable shielding protection from X-ray exposure.

ClearShield comes in standard sizes, thicknesses and lead (Pb) equivalent shielding ratings. It may also be custom fabricated for specific needs. ClearShield is currently available in limited sizes with additional sizes scheduled for availability in Q1 2015.

“The ClearShield acrylic sheets are shatter resistant, transparent, and material for machining and rapid customization wherever X-ray shielding is required,” said Clark Turner, M.D., founder and CEO of Turner MedTech.

ClearShield provides a solution for remote or portable X-ray and other medical and dental X-ray device shielding applications. In addition ClearShield is an option for nuclear, government, military and industrial labs. Architects will find this an alternative for their facility design applications as well.

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